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Complaint: Dr. Stellato is a former Chief of Surgery at University Hospitals of Cleveland. A person who devised some of the bariatric procedures, and wrote a Surgeon’s Odyssey to an MBA. There’s a challenge at University: to devise a repair for the common mass closure defects because mesh isn’t working. A better closure for the scope holes. Who will come up with a layered repair. The common mass closure eventually ruptures, and the rupture is a mess. No closure should ever be unrepairable for that reason – no closure should ever, if needing revision, be a mess or have to use mesh. If there’s anyone who can do this – Dr. Stellato. Dr. Rosen has made the challenge, and there are patients who want this repair/revision. Does Stellato still have it?

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Address: 1611 S Green Rd Ste 124 Cleveland, Ohio USA


Phone: u2022 (216) 382-1868

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