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Complaint: My husband and I needed legal services because we were being illegally evicted from our winter home – that we lived in for only three months. The home is in an RV and modular home park in Ft. Myers, Fl. (We own the home but not the lot which the home sits on.) The situation was very complicated – legally.My husband, myself and Tom Dryden had a telephone conference and he was apprised of everything. He assured us that he could help us – but first we had to give him a $1,650.00 retainer. The first step was that Tom Dryden was to write a letter to the property’s attorney. This is when we realized that Tom Dryden was not capable of representing us. He did not even know which Florida statute to use. He sent me a letter – via email – which demonstrated that he was incapable of writing a coherent letter. I had to revise the letter myself and send it back to him so he could sign it! Tom Dryden’s letter looked like it had been written by a grade school student. We had more confidence in his Legal Assistant than in Tom Dryden.The last thing which occurred was this: we were scheduled to have a phone conference to discuss legal options for our situation. We had begun to have doubts that Tom was able to represent us. Therefore, we decided that we would record our conversation. In the meantime, Tom was suppose to call us at 3:00 pm on April 26, 2012.When he did not phone, at 3:15 pm we called his office. Tom admitted he had not reviewed any of the statutes. He was completely unprepared. The first words out of his mouth were “You have a big mess here. I am not sure which statutes apply and you have exceeded your retainer. You have a decision to make – whether or not you want to pursue this further. If so

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Address: you will have to give me another payment.”” At that point – maybe 4 minutes into the phone conference – first my husband asked Tom why would he (Tom) continue with the phone conference if he was unprepared

Website: we have hired another attorney. I have called Tom Dryden’s office as well as written emails demanding he return my money. I also posted comments about my experience at other internet sites. He has threatened to sue me but still refuses to refund our money. Tom is a perfect example of an unscrupulous lawyer and why lawyers have a bad reputation. Do not use Tom Dryden as your attorney.Since that day

Phone: then my husband told Tom that we were feeling uneasy and that Tom did not breed a lot of confidence because: 1) Tom was unprepared for the phone conference – though Tom had ample time to do so and 2) Tom’s lack of knowledge as to which of the Florida Landlord/Tenant statutes would apply to us did not leave us confident. At this point Tom announced

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