Thomas Carl Williamson


Complaint: I suspected for a while now that Elaine Huggins of the Horry County SC Assessor’s Office – has been using her official position, and the position of her sister Melaine Huggins-Ward – Horry County Clerk of Courts – for unlawful purposes. I rented from this lowlife Elaine. Before I moved in, she made it a point to tell me, twice – that the wife of my new neighbor – Tommy Williamson – had committed suicide. Tommy told me a different story. Tommy told me that she “had died””. I know Tommy to be a liar and a thief. When I first moved in

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Address: Tommy greeted my with a shotgun. I didn’t yet have the key to the place. Tommy said “”I can pick that lock”” — followed by a creepy laugh. He then picked the lock right in front of me. While I was living in Conway

Website: we go to court. She tells the judge – Bradley D Mayers (arrested last year on a DUI charge in Myrtle Beach) – that I was 5 weeks late on the rent. I hadn’t yet known that they knew each other. The judge knowingly allowed her to commit perjury. Mayers then gave me just two business days to vacate. When I told him that that was not enough time to find a new place to live and that I would be living in my car

Phone: SC next to Thomas Carl Williamson – I fell 2 weeks behind on my rent. After being just one week behind

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