These people don’t care about you, all they want is the money in your pockets.


I usually don’t write reviews on companies but this time I had a horrible experience with them. Every other people know that smile is the best reward given by god and I could spend thousands of dollars to secure and protect it. The choice of the dentist was the most difficult thing for me, and as I had changed my insurance company I had to find a new doctor for my regular dental cleaning procedures and checkup. For that, I did some research though but not so much and chose one of the dental clinics which turned out to be the worst nightmare for me. Jackson dental was one of the clinics I chose as it was near my home and I also read some positive reviews about them on the internet. Their websites claim that they are one of the best dental clinics in town, they have got one of the best tools and types of equipment to treat their patients, their doctors and staff are trained and professional but turn out it was all a lie. I think Jackson Dental has hired some marketing agency to manage their ratings online. The only reason to write this is to let you all know that Jackson Dental are scammers and liars as they will try to make their money without even ensuring the health of their customers. As I was new in the area I don’t know anyone so I decided to visit this facility for regular cleaning for my mouth. I called to book an appointment but the guy on the other line was so rude to me and he hung up on me. Well, somehow I managed to get an appointment with them which I shouldn’t have done it lately but done it. On the day of treatment, I was being treated by one of their doctors as I was there just for a regular check-up and cleaning. The doctor made false claims and told me that I have 6 cavities and periodontal disease, seems like he was trying to make his money. I asked to do some x-rays to give me a better understanding of the situation of my teeth. He did some x-rays and when I asked him to show me he refused to show me by saying that you will get those in the next week or so but currently you need to have your cavity issue resolve. Well, this sounded very fishy to me and told him that I need some time to think about this. In the mean, while I made an appointment with another doctor and asked him to run some test and see if there is anything wrong with it. Turns out my teeth were fine and there was nothing wrong with it. The attitude from Jackson Dental clearly shows how they are too much inclined to make their money from the pockets of the customer.

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