Theresa Carpenter has been stalking us for years. The police charged her with Criminal Harassment, but it did not stop her. So much shyte comes out of her mouth that her ass gets jealous.
It drives Theresa insane that Doris is and has everything that Theresa wants: her beauty, her man, her home, her health, her life.
Poor pathetic Theresa, stuck with her fugly wife-beater husband and her miserable life.
She is too stupid to realize that fixating on us only makes her unhappier.
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  • False post by Doris Campagna. Theresa was never charged with criminal harassment. Theresa is very happy with what she has she just wish that Doris Campagna and Richard Lauersdorf would leave her alone and stop all these false post.
    Certain people should just grow-up and stop acting like a 3 year old.

  • I see my name here! False post by (YOU) Doris A Campagna and Richard D Lauersdorf, Burkesville, Ky. I just wish that you would leave me alone and stop all these false posts and Photoshopphed pictures. Doris, stay out of my happy life. If you are as happy as you say why do you spend hours on end posting about me and my family? Please remove this website. I did not post this.

  • Get a grip, move on with Richard.

    Your motor mouth and stories are boring.

    Find someone else to pick on

  • Doris, You are “disturbing” enough mentally to everyone. Doris is a sick fu*king person. Doris has a lot of problems starting with her mental state. It’s really screwed up big time.

    • Joan thinks that everyone who requsets her on FB is Theresa. Theresa has her own FB and has blocked both Joan and Doris. She also has over 400 friends and family on it.
      That is why Doris is pissed off because she can not suspend Theresa’s account.

By Ronald

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