You contact the local number leave a message and he calls you back, Guy with foreign accent says his name is rick Magill and he is sales manager of the carboys auto lot in casper, WY. website the He says the car is on the lot. I asked why the local ohio number but the cars in wyoming? oh we use software to list all over the country. says his address is 1000 yellowstone hwy, casper, WY. I googled it and found a local business that told me the carboys used to be there but is out of business, its now Magill Motors. I called and talked to the real Rick Magill and he said many people show up on the lot looking for cars that don’t exist. Total scam guy is based in California he said. DONT send him money what ever you do, said he had a guy drive in from California to see a car that did not exist and he got scammed. My big red flag was when I asked can I give you a deposit to hold the car while I fly from Ohio. He said I needed to deposit 2K in an ATM account…said dont take credit cards.

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By Ronald

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