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This is how twin home experts get their good reviews. If you are unhappy or dissatisfied, they will give you a discount – but only if you sign a statement that says “our client and/or agents agree not to disparage our company or post negative reviews on the internet, social media, news organization or and other individual or company”. My discount was going to be $600.00. We are both seniors and one with alzheimers which i informed jim and dalton of when they entered the house and it will take many monthly checks from the va disability and ssa to repay the charges but i could not let others get taken like we were. See for another person who did not take their “discount”. | I paid $475.00 for mi&t to test for mold A national company). They detected a small amount of mold but recommended remediation. Their website displayed an envelope that one could click on to have the information they found sent to 3 remediation companies in my area who would send me estimates for the work. | I clicked on it. A few hours later at 9 pm jim Owner of twin home experts) called stating he was calling so late because he was concerned about the kind of mold i had and he could be there first thing the next morning. I agreed. Unfortunately i only heard back from one of the other companies on the website and it was after the job had been completed. This other company gave me an estimate of $2,0425.99 with a line by line explanation of charges for the job. | The original oral estimate jim gave me was to be between $3,800.00 and $4,000.00 – but not over $4,000.00. I was surprised when i saw the written estimate showing between $3,800.00 and $4,800.00, but let them continue. Two workers came and worked one day. | Dalton called after that first day and stated he needed to come over to talk about the rest of the bill for the job. I’m thinking “what rest of the bill”. He came over and got jim on the telephone and jim stated how severe the issue was and the whole shower and tub needed to be removed. I asked how much and he said “ahhh, ahhh” and i said well you can think about it and let me know and he said “no, it will be” ahhh $7,800.00 more. I was beside myself. This was minimum mold spores and they had stated the whole job would not be over $4,000.00 initially. Dalton then speaks up and states he thinks he could do it if he cut a bigger hole in my wall for a lessor price. Jim said that would be fine and hung up. Then dalton looks around my house and stated if i paid him cash he would reduce the first bill to $3,800.00 I had paid by credit card) and would charge me the $4,800.00 cash for the 2nd half. I guess i should have known better but i know nothing about mold and reluctantly agreed. | I e-mailed the twin home experts office asking for the second invoice. I was told there was no other invoice and i was paid in full as i had paid the original amount of $4,800.00. I explained what i had been told to me by dalton and jim and i was again told i did not owe anything more. | Dalton came over the next morning visibly upset asking why i was calling the office requesting an invoice. | I contacted mi&t and stated what was going on and that i was not a happy camper. They contacted twin home experts for an explanation of the second charges because the first charge was higher than the total job should have cost with such minimal amount of mold. Mi&t told jim that they did not want to get involved but i was complaining and justifiably so as it appeared to be” just plain gauging by taking advantage of someone who doesn’t know any better”. Mi&t requested a line by line explanation of the charges and pictures. Twin home experts refused and e-mails were flying back and forth for days. | With all this going on, i cancelled the last check for $1,500.00 as i didn’t know if the work would even get completed. When they saw this, i was sent an e-mail stating a lien would immediately be put on my house if i did not give them the money by noon. They charged me an extra $100.00 fee for the cancelled check which i paid. | Twin home experts eventually came back to finish the job. When mi&t did the final inspection, the job was so poorly done, they didn’t even test but gave it a visual failure. Twin home experts sent a person to correct it. Mi&t came back and did the testing and the results came back that twin home experts still needed to do more treatment/remediation. Twin home experts returned again. Mi&t returned yet again and noted that they had not properly completed the treatment so i contacted another company to find out what needed to be done. The total area cut out in my wall was 2 1/2’ x 4’ and a total of two days of work for $8,700.00 when there was light mold and i was told it would not be over $4,000.00. They have been removed from mi&t’s “reputable” list. | I have learned among other things to pay a more attention to those one star reviews and not just automatically dismiss them.


  • Name: The Twin Home Experts
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Van Nuys
  • Address:
  • Phone: 800-422-8032
  • Website:

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