The Travel Center RANCHO PALOS VERDES California Review


Similar to many other persons, I began this journey of ripoffs with the First Select Travel agency. After paying them money, I was referred to this agency, The Travel Center. I had several questions and cannot begin to tell you how many times I attempted to contact them via telephone. Their voicemail did not leave an option for “holding for the next person””. It merely stated everyone was busy and that you needed to call back. So many restrictions on my travel plans had been stated

I was trying to find out what would be my bottom line cost. Instead

after paying the “”booking fee”” I was referred to an additional travel agency. At this point

I’m not sure a vacation (at any pirce) would ever be offered. All I am doing is paying a fee (each with a different name) to an agency to get referred to another company. I thought this would be a reputable company since the original information was supplied through my school district of employment. I was so excited that I could visit my children that live out of state. Instead

I have lost more money and still do not have anything in place to visit them. Can anyone do something about shutting these ripoff companies down? In reading the reports

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