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Complaint: Once upon the time was a careless driver (that would be me)that was in a hurry to get to work in time and took a turn that would change her life. This lady guided her chariot on the exit ramp of Palmetto Exwy and Bird rd, never the less, she used the middle lane to turn right which is signed on the floor, and with the green light already on her side she was unfairly stopped among others, and was fined by one of the FHP for moving violation and not having my license at that time I was waiting for the court day to be sent to home, that something that I didn’t know that I had to request, didnt do it keep waiting. After that I had another incident I rear ended someone and got a careless driving ticket. Meanwhile after applying for a great company they check on my back ground that my driver license was pending of suspension for the first to tickets , thats when I had the great idea of hiring the ticket clinic for a faster solution, I believe that was on a Wednesday or Thursday by Friday and Monday nothing was changed at the Traffic court, that Monday I called the court for the last ticket and I was able to solve the problem almost right away while I kept waiting and waiting until I finally got a lawyer on file but not court date. I kept on calling asking for a date on this citations and they kept on telling me that I should wait 2 to 4 weeks until the judge release the court date, and I told them how is that possible if me a simple civilian without connections was able to get a court date. I told them that my new job was in their hands, that depending on that date was my starting date release, asked them almost begged them, same answer, two to four weeks that I should wait. Well I paid the tickets due an unsecure future date, and now I am trying to get my money back $199 that I paid online. Since Friday 03-30-12. Mario Hernandez costumer service supervisor told me that they spent $26. per reactivation of each ticket, when at the court house they told me it was $16, and they had the lawyer assigned already and that would be extra money they would charge me to withdraw him from the case, and they would have to see if I had pay it to release me, done that, called him many times, and it looks that once Im transferred they read the caller id because magically it gets disconnected, Sandy her secretary told me he wasn’t at the office (when previously I ask somebody else to check if he was told me he did) she said that he must be at lunch or with a client and would return my call, after many calls and many messages still waiting. How convenient is to have this kind of service mocking the poor citizens in desperate situation, and abusing them in this tough economical times when they are so distress Moral 1 if you see you gonna be late, be late don’t take short cuts or wrong turn Moral 2 if you get a ticket move your rear to the court house, and represent your own-self moral 3 do your home work before hiring anybody

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