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I ordered hand painted clogs on 2/1/13. I read that it takes up to 8 weeks. They do not send out any updates. I emailed at 8 weeks, or as one of their passive aggressive employees pointed out, it had only been 7 weeks and 29 days. I wanted to cancel, but they of course reminded me of their disclaimer (obviously written because there have been complaints), so I emailed back and said okay, keep my order, but some notice or customer service would be nice. I notice by the way, that over the years, their 6 weeks has turned into 8 weeks on their disclaimer. I’ve ordered from them twice before – and they are not the same business now. So, today, I emailed again, documented the chain of events in one email, printed everything out, and am filing a claim with my credit card. I also called them. I’m sorry, but you can claim anything you want on your website, but when you as a merchant don’t hold up in good faith to your end – it voids that agreement. nI will prevail – they are wrong. People need to complain. I am telling ALL my friends and nurses (and we are a big group) about it and will give them another merchant that hand paints. ntheSwanx stinks.

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