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I ordered a pair of Hand Pinted Christmas Sanitas on September 1/2012 hoping to have by Thankgsgivving. My credit card was charged at that time. I checked regularly on the progress and since October the site said in the final stages.. The beginning of November I contacted the Company and was told they were do to be shipped within the next two weeks. The shoes were not shipped until December 4/2012. Shoes arrived today. I am very dissapointed in them as they look like they were painted by stencil. I have 4 other pairs of hand painted Sanits by Romney in Alaska and the quality far surpasses the quality of these. The paint on these shoes is still tacky so I will obviously not be able to wear them for quite some time. They also do not appear to have a sealant over the hand painting as you can feel every brush stroke. Any of the shoes that I have purchased from Romney Designs have not shown any of this. The Swanz return policy is for either a new pair of shoes or a store credit as if I would ever purchas from them again. nThank you for reading this

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