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I worked at The Saving Place for Nora Elliott because she was a friend who needed an honest employee. I loved my job and the store and the people who came in it. I wanted this place to succeed somuch that I offered to help Nora by investing in the shop. I worked without pay for eight days and gave $200 in cash so that she could catch up on the back rent she owed the landlord. I also payed $400 for furniture to sell in the shop. I was planning to work at this place for a long time to come. Everything started going haywire mainly due to Nora’s psychological issues and drug habits getting in the way of her being able to do right by me. I asked her to pay me my wages so that I could pay for my husband’s chemotherapy and instead she yelled at me that I would get my money the weekend after I needed it. I quit the next day and informed her that I expected my money back. After two weeks she told me she owesme nothing and to never contact her again. Nora Elliott ripped off my family at a time when we need the money to pay for medical expenses to keep my husband alive. I want justice for my family.

913 Monmouth Street Newport, Kentucky USA


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