The Rustic Flag Company Review


I paid $250 for what I thought would be a beautiful hand carved American Flag to hang on our wall, the website seemed legit. I was told that veterans hand-carve these flags and the money would go to these veterans. It was supposed to take several weeks to complete, so I was patient. I received emails from the company telling me they have a large order volume and that it was going to take longer than expected to complete my order. I hadn’t heard from them in awhile and was getting worried, I sent them an email stating that it had been over 18 weeks since I placed and paid for my order and if it was going to take any longer than 4 weeks, I would like a refund. They emailed me back apologizing for the delay and said they are working nonstop to fulfill all orders in their system. They stated their goal is to complete every order in a timely manner and that they are willing to give refunds to anyone who doesn’t want to wait. I felt bad and said I would wait. That was in October 2018, three months later, in January 2019, I send another email telling them I am ready for my refund now since I paid $250 for their product in May 2018 & haven’t received it yet. I have not heard anything from them or received my refund and it is now March 2019.

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By Ronald

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