THE ROOMSTORE linthicum Maryland Review


Purchased home 12/11/02 went to The Roomstore found furniture my husband loved that we had not seen anywhere else. Paid in full for it that day. Told by the salesman we would have it January 11, 2003, maybe sooner but by then (note: read your reciept if it does not have a delivery date DO NOT TRUST YOUR SALESMAN make them or a manager write the date or you sound like an idiot when you don’t get your stuff and you call to complain) nMade several calls to the store between 1/1/03 and 1/11/03 to talk to salesman to confirm delivery (this was unsuccessful as he had already made his commission) 1/13 we spoke to a so called manager who told us how popular our set was and how back ordered the pieces were and how there was no way someone should have told us we would have the furniture that soon it always takes 6-8 weeks. nBase on the computer she was looking at, our tables and lamps were in and our sofa and love seat should come in sometime mid-next week as they were getting caught up since the holidays were over. nCalled back 1/24/03 and spoke to another manager who said our couch and love seat were in but they were wating on the lamps and tables (how is this possible they were there last week). I told her to please have them delivered so they did not mysteriously disappear. nWe set up a delivery of Friday 1/31/03 (keep in mind this is a work day I have blown) we get a message finally from our salesman who wants to set up a delivery date, all our furniture is in (what happend to friday) well now we are doing battle to see what we can get and when. nBELIEVE ALL THESE COMPLAINTS THE ROOMSTORE IS HORRIBLE nAND NOT CUSTOMER FRIENDLY REMEMBER THE NICE MAN IN THE nSHOWROOM IS A SALESMAN!!!!!!!!AND COULD NOT GIVE A HOOT nABOUT YOU OR YOUR NEEDS nTrishnlinthicum, MarylandU.S.A.



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