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I have now been a victim to the place furniture galleries in farmingdale New York!!! They got me for 3k! Took my money sept. 2012 and now it’s Jan. 2013! I have never received my furniture! They advertise that it takes 2-4 weeks for delivery. They hid from your phone calls, ignore emails, don’t return messages, and just flat out stay away from you if they have scammed you. If you do just so happen to get a live person on the phone they tell you lie after lie, excuse after excuse and try and get off the phone as quickly as possible offering no solution, explanation or anything to the where a bouts if your purchase. They take thousands/ millions per year from people through Internet and phone sales. That’s their biggest scamming resource. The Internet shows reports and complaints dating back from 2002 from people sitting they have been ripped off from The Place Furniture Galleries. It’s still going on and it’s 2013!!! They have been in business since1970,,, I believe this makes for the largest scamming business that has ever survived!! How are they still in business!!!!??? I have reported with the following:nTexas DA officenSuffolk county DA officenAttorney generalnCongressmannSenator of New YorknBBBnNational white collar crime centernFBInGovernment fraud hotlinenSuffolk county police/sherif nInternal Revenue Service***And plan on writing into to President Obama***Please help me in shutting this place down!!!

1640 broad hollow rd. Internet United States of America



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