The PhD Consultancy Review


Stratos and all the members of staff including the academics in this company are fraudsters. Stratos conned me into paying for services he knew they could not deliver. I asked him repeatedly if they offer the services I wanted, to which he kept reassuring me that they do. | After he had contacted me that they could not deliver the services “due to it’s specific nature”, he promised to refund my money within 3-5 working days. | Since then, he had been ignoring my messages and even threatening that contacing their academics does not make any difeerence. This means they are all fraudulent. I have called their company repeatedly too to no avail. | People should stay clear of Stratos and the PhD Consultancy. They are pack of fraudulent people. I wished I had read the review on Stratos and this company before contacting them.


  • Name: The PhD Consultancy
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • State: England
  • City: London
  • Address: 52 Cornmarket Street
  • Phone: +44 (0) 207 391 9069
  • Website:

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