The Original Diet wapakoneta Ohio Review


I requested and received my sample dietpatch. I went ahead and ordered 90 days worth at an amount of $159.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling. I used the product and did not achieve any type of result at all from it. nThe product came with a guarantee of a refund should I not get any results from it. I have emailed this company several times and have only received one reply that was in reference to the $2.95 sample offer. I have yet to receive any confirmation of my request for refund from the company. I believe I have sent at least 6 emails with all the billing information and date purchased. This company was stupid enough to put the 3rd party that did the billing with their name and 1-888 number to contact them. nI have received confirmation from this company that I should have my refund within 15 days. This company did not seem at all surprised about my problem receiving a refund and were very agreeable to refund my money. We shall see. I will file a lawsuit against the company, its executive officers and the 3rd party that did the billing. I have the person’s name I spoke with and now have the confirmation email regarding my refund. nI noticed when I was using the internet there was another company that was pushing the same type of product. The website name is I have emailed them to see what their reply would be. I have received a notification that someone will be contacting me. Also it stated the only way you can speak with a customer service representative is through email. No number that you can actually call and speak directly to a customer service representative. Smells a bit fishy to me. nI have learned my lesson the hard way and can only hope that I do recieve my refund. I would like to be included in any class action suits that are registered on the Originaldietpatch company. nPeggynwapakoneta, OhioU.S.A. Internet U.S.A.

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