The Milford Spice Company Michigan Review


Problems began with this company during the 2011 Groupon sale where you could purchase $30 of product for $15. It took weeks to receive the order and it was impossible to reach anyone at the company. The product itself was very good though, so when the offer came up again this year I debated. In the comments on the listing it was stated from the owner that all Groupon orders would ship within 10 days this year, so I decided to do it again. nHUGE MISTAKE! It was been a month and still no product and no reply until I sent my final email today saying that I was telling all of family and friends to avoid them and that I was going to post on all the review sites to avoid them. The responded with an email saying they are sorry I was disappointed with the service and that they would refund me the amount I spent above the Groupon money, but that they would not do anything for the $$ I spent on the coupon. They then asked me to consider them for future purposes. Completely ridiculous and I want to warn anyone else that is considering ordering anything from them, especially if they order a coupon through Groupon.

125 South Main St Milford, Michigan United States of America


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By Ronald

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