The League Secret Society Flushing Michigan


Complaint: I re cieved a 10 page letter telling me I had been selected out of 20 other people to join a secret society called THE LEAGUE! The letter is very manipulative and plays on your every emotion and makes you believe they have been watching you forever . They promise you will owe nothing ever and everything is free. The letter is sent from a man named only as BIll. He claims to be one of the most pwerful people in the world and goes on to sday that he’s in the news and on TV everyday. He describes himself as being from the south with a Dad that died early and a drunk step dad who raised him with his mother. As a Political Scientist I automatically recognized this person as BILL CLINTON. all though it never says so, anyone who has studied politics and knows Bill Clintons history would recognize this person as Bill Clinton. IT IS NOT BILL CLINTON. This letter is just trying to make you believe that. Ity’s another way of sucking you in. I worked on Mr. Clintons first Presidential Campaign in Genesee County, Michigan. I almost got sucked in if not for this website. I thought maybe it was posible they had been watching me since I worked on his campaign. However after reading the other post about this scam I realized there was a lot more than 20 people being offered this TOP SECRET POSITION so it could’nt be very exclusive as it suggest. I wonder if President Bill Clinton knows he’s being used in a SCAM?????

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Address: Flushing , Michigan USA



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By Ronald

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