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I received this letter from The League yesterday on March 5,2015. I did not read it, but quickly glanced through it. I picked it up this morning and read the entire 10 page letter. I immediately thought that this letter was to good to be true!!!!!! Boy was I ever right!!!! I was told that they have had me under the radar for several years. I did not like hearing that at all. They said that they could of sent this letter and invitation from The League 5 or 10 years ago, but I wasn’t ready then to make a change in my life. They said they know I am ready for luck, love, and money. My life will forever change, all I have to do is sign the acceptance letter and mail it back. They will send me back a 56 page report detailing how I can make any kinds of changes in my life for the betteer. You know I have stewed over this letter all day long. I almost sent it back. Something made me call The Better Buisness Bureau. I am so glad I did. The lady Googled the scam group and advised me not to get involved with this deceptive group. She told me to get on line and watch the short clip about the group. I am so glad that I made that call to the B.B.B. !!!!!!! Another unusual thing about the letter was it was to be read ” For my eyes only”. It has to be sent back by midnight tonight , March 6, 2015. Some thing need to be done about these people. Absolutely no telling what these shaddy characters were up to. I am so relieved that I was turned on to this web site. Go after these scam artists !!!!!!!!!! .

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