The Law Office Of Patricia Jay Review


Please BEWARE of Attorney Patricia Jay because she took advantage of my elderly mother and I. She charged us for things she didn’t do and for things she never asked us about before doing them, lied, was late from the time she said she would be there and told me to be there, treated me bad and talked down to me, threatened to not finish something on my case because I called her out on all of this, threatened to sue me over my reviews (she even sent me a message on my Facebook from her personal Facebook, telling me that I only had a few days to remove my reviews or she was suing me and she had an attorney, Legarreta & Owen, PLLC, send me certified papers to sue me for this, if I didn’t remove my reviews). She posted my full name, address and phone number on public sites and said I had mental issues, all because I posted a bad and 100% HONEST review about her and she can’t handle it. She also mocked my Facebook picture because it says “Keep Calm and Trust God”. It is OBVIOUS who has the “mental issues”. In the end, I bet you will end up paying double or triple what other attorney’s charge. I think the “good” reviews about her online, have to be from her friends and colleagues, which I fell for and paid the price, literally! I have all of her emails and texts, for proof.


  • Name: The Law Office Of Patricia Jay
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: San Antonio
  • Address: 625 N. Alamo
  • Phone: (210) 223-7100
  • Website:

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