The Lancaster County Children and Youth Social Service Agency Review


Children and Youth in Lancaster is a joke. I have been dealing with this nut job case worker, who says we did call. We called, We called. Well I am so sick of hearing this. I have caller id and no darn well you haven’t. This child’s aunt told lies to them and talked crap on all the family and that has lead to cys not doing their job. We have filed to take the child in and raise her, and they say you will hear in x # of days. Well as usual not hearing anything. Keep trying to keep this child from being with family. The mother has asked for reports from cys and they have refused to give them to her. The case worker we are dealing with is a butt hole, will tell you what he thinks you want to hear. But will beat around the bush and say nothing, than hang up. We have 4 willing adults to take this child in, 3 who have no problems passing any background cks. They need to man up and realize this child dosen’t belong there, contrary to them saying there is no one to take care of said child. This is a shame we have people who control these children and their so called rights. Yes there is folks out there that don’t need the children in their homes. But this child was not in that situation. This child was taken out of Milton Hershey school for a break and never returned by Aunt. Child has told other family she has been allowed to speak with she want’s to go back to the school. She is there thru not fault of her own, but because of other people who decided they didn’t want to be bothered. Really all it comes down to is if your child ends up in the system you can bend over grab your ankles and wait.


  • Name: The Lancaster County Children and Youth Social Service Agency
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Lancaster
  • Address: 150 N Queen St #111
  • Phone: 717-299-7925
  • Website:

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