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I went to the laminate store because I do dog rescue and had problems with some of my dogs not being completely housebroken which ruined my carpet. When I went to the store, I talked to the saleperson about my needs and was very specific about the fact that the reason we were going with Laminate instead of hardwood was because I can’t always catch an accident right away and I knew if I used hardwood and urine sat on it for more than a few minutes, the floor would become discolored. I also went with the laminate for it’s scratch resistance. The Saleswoman assured me that the floor was great and that she had 4 dogs of her own who had accidents and she didn’t always catch it right away but she never had a problem. The installer also said the floor would be great for our needs. nWe spent the money, and took the floor home and waited about 2 weeks for my husband to do the installation so that the floor would have time to adjust to the temp and humidity in our house. He installed the floor according to the instructions (took the class at the store and went on line as needed for help). Within 1 week of the installation, one of my dogs lifted his leg on my couch and I didn’t catch it right away. When I did catch it, the floor was buckled. All in all, in less than 1 month, there are seven spots on my floor that have buckled due to moisture from dog urine, or water. nMy husband installed the floor in 2 rooms but hadn’t put it in our kitchen or family room yet. I went back to the store within the 30 day period specified on the receipt, and was told that because we purchased the merchandise on sale, they wouldn’t allow us to return what we had left even though it was ruined after they told me it wouldn’t be. They were quite evasive and to make a long story short, I was told by the customer service people to go to the store, told by the store to go to the customer service people, and went back and forth with them until finally the store manager, who I was told was the only person with the authority to authorize us to return the UNOPENED, UNUSED instock merchandise, told me that he was sorry he couldn’t help me and suggested that I sell the stuff on ebay. nThis produce was GROSSLY misrepresented to me and now I am stuck with a floor that buckles at the seams practically every time it gets wet. The people at the company don’t give a crap about my concerns and all of them have said that they can’t understand why this is happening because it’s not something that they get complaints about. I was also told that the company can not legally be held responsible for what sales people tell me. nALL I wanted was to return what we OBVIOUSLY couldn’t use in our Kitchen or the rest of our house since the flooring we put down is already ruined. It even says on the box (which we were unable to read until after we made the purchase) that this particular floor SHOULD NOT be installed in bathrooms or other damp areas. I told the people at the store that it was going in my entire downstairs which included my bathroom and my kitchen and I was assured it would NOT be a problem. After ONE week of having the bathroom floor installed, it is now ruined. I told my husband not to install it but because we have about 500 sq ft of product sittingin our living room that is worthless, he figured he would like to have is bathroom working again so he put it in there. nThis company has NO concern for it’s customers and all they seem to care about is taking people’s money. I have never dealt with a company with worse customer care or service policies. The product is defective, things were misrepresented to me and they don’t care at all to do anything to resolve this. Now my husband is telling me that the dogs that I love and who were the whole reason for putting the floor in in the first place, have to go. So now I am out 2500.00, and will have to replace the entire floor, and if my husband gets his way, my dogs may have to live somewhere else. nDo yourself a favor, and go somewhere else when you decide to buy your floor. Go somewhere where sales people don’t lie to you to get a sale, and that stands behind their products, MOST importantly go somewhere where the company actuall values their customers even AFTER they take your money. nErikanLawrenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A. Duluth, Georgia U.S.A.

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