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I was given a gift for $ 100.00 as birthday gift on March 29, 2015 . I did not use the gift card until April 14, 2015 . I used the gift card at a Dollar General Store the purchase was for $ 20.12 . Then, I drove to a Shell gas station to make a purchase for gas . I swipe the card at the pump after the card was swipe the message screen at the pump requested I enter in my zip code. I enter in the zip code the message then, requested I see the Shell gas cashier. I went into the Shell gas station building to pay for $ 10.00 in gas I used the Visa gift card . After , swiping the card inside the gas station . The transaction stated decline. Then, the gas station attendant tried again to re-enter the purchase of $ 10.00 for the gas the transaction was declined again. I went to my car and called the 1866-952-9653 phone number that was sticker on the front of the VISA gift card the phone number did not work , a message stated the phone number I called is not for VISA gift card and needed to call another phone number for assistance for the VISA gift . The message given another phone number 1866-952-5653 . I called the phone number during the prompts in the phone it stated that only had $ 5.88 left on the card because $ 94.12 was pending in transactions . I then pressed zero to speak with operator. The operator came on the phone stating it was VISA/MASTER card service center. Next I explain what had happen . The mygiftcard representative agreed that I made a purchase at Dollar General Store for $20.12. But $74.00 is pending in transaction for the Shell gas station. I explained to the phone representative with mygiftcard what had with the card declining the transaction . No transaction was never used at the Shell gas station. I further explained to the mygiftcard representative to hold on the phone so I can go into the Shell gas station for her to verify with the Shell station Manager that the transaction was decline at the pump and in the store. I given my cell phone to the Shell station manager and left my speak phone high volume so I could hear the conversion between the mygiftcard representative and the Shell station manager . The Shell station manager inform the mygiftcard phone representative the VISA gift purchase of $ 10.00 was decline and I had made no other purchases at their Shell gas station using the VISA gift card. After, Shell station manager finished speaking with the mygiftcard representative I then spoken back with the mygiftcard phone representative she explain it would up to ten days to get $74.00 back on the card because it has to be investigated. Then , she went on to say the card cannot be used to buy gas at the pump . I told again the card would not process the transaction that is why I went in the store. The representative also, stated that I cannot pay for gas using a gift card. I explained this in not true because I just weeks ago I used VISA gift card from STAPLES and I did not have these problems. In addition, I have used bank cards when transaction are decline the customer money is not pulled from the bank card. At the end of the conversation I explained that I was trying to purchase $10.00 in gas .Why would mygiftcard pull $ 74.00 off the gift card and hold the money as pending transaction. I called mygiftcard again on April 15, 2015 their phone line keeps hanging up on the calls. I was able to get a Department Supervisor on the phone the phone connection was so bad until I could not understand what the Department Supervisor was saying. I called back after going through the phone prompts for the representative to come on the phone , but the phone keeps disconnecting. .

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