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I looked online to get a quote for health insurance other than my current COBRA policy. Instead of a quote, I get repeated phone calls, up to 15 or more per day. When I talked with an agent, I asked that the rep call me back because I was driving. They could not give me a phone # for more information. I have called all 3 numbers to request to be removed from the mailing list, only for them to hang up before I can give them a phone #. One said "72 hours" and hung up — I was not even calling from the number they use to call me. Another tried to continue her script to find out if I have insurance, and would not let me give her my phone number. They identify themselves as The Health Plan and The Health Group. I have set up my cell phone to block these 3 phone numbers, but the calls still get through. 3 phone numbers are calling me: 404-620-5982; 404-631-6519; 404-865-3528

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By Ronald

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