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She is being billed for trash and damage to the apartment that was made by an individual who remained in the apartment per an agreement with The Harrison. In July, my daughter, a friend, and I cleaned the apartment from top to bottom, including her bedroom, her bathroom, the common area, the kitchen, the laundry area as well as the closets. We took out 8 bags of trash and more. My daughter had not been occupying the apartment since December. Now, 3 months later the apartment complex is coming to collect money for damages that is the responsibility of this other tenant. It only takes one day to mess up an apartment, this tenant had 3 months. The Harrison apartment complex was not responsive during my daughter’s residency to complaints of bugs, mold, leaks in the walls, heat issues and more. Even after receiving this bill, I called the apartment complex 4 times and sent two emails before I finally got a very unsatisfactory response. People should be made aware of the poor management and living conditions at this apartment complex. | On Oct. 26 we received a bill from The Harrison Apartment complex. It has been 3 months since my daughter’s lease had expired and she had turned in her keys. On July 17, my daughter, a friend and I cleaned the apartment from top to bottom. We cleaned her bedroom, her bathroom, the kitchen, the common area, the laundry area, and the closets. We removed eight bags of trash and much more. The apartment was clean. There was one remaining tenant (out of 4) that had received permission to remain in the apartment after the lease had expired. Now, three months later we are being billed for damage and trash left in the apartment. When my daughter turned her keys in in July, she was told that she was all set. No one mentioned a walk through of any kind. It only takes one day to mess up an apartment and it appears that this remaining tenant had three months. Now we are being billed for some arrangement made with this tenant that had nothing to do with my daughter. I have called the apartment complex four times and sent several emails without a response until yesterday. Their response was unsatisfactory accepting no responsiblity with regard to this situation. In addition, during my daughter’s residency, her and her co-tenants complained about bugs, heating issues, water damage and mold with little no response. The apartment had not been maintained properly by the apartment complex and while they replaced the floors with some type of laminate, this only caused the heating issues to worsen. I do not recommend that anyone rent in this apartment complex. Their website is misleading and I suspect the positive reviews are not valid.


  • Name: The Harrison at JMU
  • Country: United States
  • State: Virginia
  • City: Harrisonburg
  • Address: 1191 Devon Lane
  • Phone: 540-432-1001
  • Website:

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