The Greatest Vitamin In The World Terre Haute Indiana Review


I saw the commercial on T.V. They made it sound great and easy.Im a nurse and I bought into their commercial! First they askes for 35.00 for litur,then1500.00, then called for another 500.00.then called for 600.00,at that time I told them I hadnt made a penny, and they stated there was only one more part to buy for 500.00 more. I told them I was upset and would get my money back if possible. Of course it wasnt. nI told them I was living on 400.00 a month but they lead me to believe I would make it back on two comercials I paid for. I gained nothing from them. I have received 100.00 to date since June this year. I also wasnt told if I did not call and ask for any money I had coming to me they dont send it. I feel totally stupid and ripped off, by this company.I would like to stop others from loosing there life savings on this pack of lies!!!!! nSincerely ,Very Unhappy!!!! nBettienTerre Haute, IndianaU.S.A.

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