The Grandview at Las Vegas Resort Review


My fiancĂ© and I visited Vegas for the weekend. We got stopped on the street by a guy handing out Denny’s coupons. We should’ve taken the coupons and ran quickly! This guy proceeded to tell us if we went to this presentation and viewed their resorts we’d get 2 free buffet tickets at the Rio hotel. He also bribed us with $400 in gaming vouchers at casino Royale. We didn’t have anything planned and was told the presentation would only take a couple hours of our time so figured why not to get these freebies. 20 min later we hopped on a bus with a group of other people. We get to the resort and had to sit and wait in another area to be called, they also had to confirm our income and paperwork we had already signed with the first guy. | so early on we were already feeling annoyed. We waited 15 min or so to be escorted by a sales agent, then we all got put in a room to watch a video (we did get fed Danishes and water or lemonade), it was supposed to be an hour but took well over. By this point this had already taken the 1 1/2 hours. We got brought upstairs & chocked down some cold sandwiches and more water and sat with the agent, this was probably another 30 min. 5 hours later we were still there having to tour the next door casino, outdoor pool and finally after hours actually seeing a model she goes through prices. They then went through very expensive pricing and when we didn’t like tried to sell us on an even more expensive point system. | When we didn’t buy both the sales agent and manager seemed offended. We were brought into another room to do a survey with a different guy then finally at end to get out prizes (over 6 hours later), the buffet was actually legit, we went to use the casino cash and it may as well been Monopoly money. It was on a promotional machine at casino Royale at best you could get $100 on the remote chance you hit a jackpot which I’m sure never occurs. I wish we would’ve taken the show tickets they were offering which should’ve been legit. We were told others were paying a deposit (we later found out they hadn’t gotten it back yet at end of day). Hopefully they got this back- avoid this presentation at all costs! It is a ripoff!


  • Name: The Grandview at Las Vegas Resort
  • Country: United States
  • State: Nevada
  • City: Las Vegas
  • Address: 9940 S Las Vegas Blvd
  • Phone: 702-966-4700
  • Website:

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