The Farm At Walnut Creek Review


****The Farm At Walnut Creek………has been abusing and tormenting animals for many years know. | If you go to PETA.COM you will see that “Henry Hampton and joseph Varga, have recieved 70 violations of animal abuse and neglect from the federal government USDA inspectors. | ……….Animals are denied water, food and veterinary care. | …..The Amish that also own part of this road side zoo, are also guilty of these crimes. | ………The Amish are criminals and so is “Henry Hampton and dr, joseph Varga………….who has injected animals at this “zoo” with “Paralyzing” narcotic drugs that cause the innocent animals harm . | *****Please stay away from this “hideous roadside zoo”


  • Name: The Farm At Walnut Creek
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Sugarcreek
  • Address: 4147 County Road 114
  • Phone: (330) 893-4200
  • Website:

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