The Eye Lid Center-Michael Mazaheri Review


I had Lasik surgery at Dr. Michael Mazaheri. The doctor was talking to his assistants the whole time like I wasn’t even there, and made me feel like he wasn’t even paying attention to me. My results were not very good initially and after a month it all went bad. Mister Michael Mazaheri would not see me again until I pushed the issue then he didn’t listen and barely checked my eyes, post surgery they treat you awful. I feel like they took my money and ran. Now its almost been a year and my eyesight is worse than it started. I cant see at night. When I went to see another eye doctor, he was shocked at the scarring on my eyes and said it was the worst she’s seen. I don’t recommend Michael Mazaheri Eye Center.

670 West Campbell Road Richardson, Texas United States of America

(972) 889-3937?

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