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In about 6/2016 I purchased a queen mattress and box set from The Dump in Irving TX. By 4/2017 it had developed a significant sag (1-1/2″) on the side on which I sleep. It had also developed a shallow sag on the side I don’t sleep on – I just keep a few books (1/2 a dozen or so) there that I chose from before I sleep. I registered a complaint with the store and they sent me a request to submit photos of the problem

which I did. In the process of taking the photos

I found a tear in the box “”spring”” at the foot of the bed on the side I don’t sleep on. The store submitted the complaint and the photos to Englander and sent back the message that Englander refused the complaint on the grounds that the sag was a “”butt hole/sag””. I then submitted a complaint with the Better Business Bureau which then resubmitted the complaint to Englander. The response was the same – submit photos of the mattress/box and tags. After the first rejection

I chose to forgo the request. It is now 10/2017 and the sag has increased to 3″”. After only a year (+) this is outrageous

unconscionable and unacceptable! The suggestion of a “”butt hole”” in the mattress is ludicrous! I’m 71

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