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I bought an expensive natural bed from this company that stated in the store on the tag and on 3 large signs that thy used all natural materials.The bed in the store had a terrycloth 100% cotton cover,said it had a wool layer (flame retardant)and 4 inches of natural latex.nI had horrible customer service,and after talking to the manager about him being sure I would get the exact same bed from the warehouse(I order a bed from Haynes a few years ago and when I got it it was totally different)He assured me it would be identical.My husband picked up the bed and brought it home and it had a polyblend non-terrycloth cover,1% wool 56% toxic polyurathane foam and other blended materials? A totally different bed again.nI e-mailed the furniture and bedding regulatory board in Richmond VA.Any other ideas would be welcomed.nMy husband has left the state on business,and the warehouse is not open so I am stuck with this mattress.They have a 24 hr return policy.nI will also contact the credit card company and see if there is anything they can do.nI would avoid the Dump and Haynes furniture.

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