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I heard a radio ad stating that the Dump would give out $100 gift cards to anyone who showed up to the store on Friday the 15th.The ad said there was no minimum purchase required, no strings attached. In fact, it gave the example of finding something for $100 and getting it for free! nOn the day of the event I and several other people stood outside to get our gift cards. When the doors opened the sales staff did not know what we were talking about. They acted like they did not know a promotion was going on. Later on someone came over with some cards that said $100 off a $199 purchase. We told the person that was wrong and they told us this is the offer they were told to pass out. I talked to a manager who told me that the higher ups played a copy of the radio ad and it was for $100 off a $199 purchase. I asked the people had they heard the ad on the radio and they all said no. They had only heard it in the meeting. nWhen I arrived home I filed a complaint to the better business bureau in hopes of getting the $100 gift card that was offered in the advertisement. Instead I got this response: n nDate Sent: 4/22/2011 6:03:46 PMn nMs. Anderson, n nI have reviewed the complaint you filed with the BBB concerning the advertising issue. An incorrect ad did air on the radio, but the issue was quickly resolved with the local station. While I apologize for the confusion, I am unable to offer a $100 store credit without a minimum purchase. However, I will be happy to extend the offer that ran that weekend: a $100 credit towards a purchase of $199 or more. Please contact me at [email protected] if you would like to take advantage of this offer. n nThank you,n nChip St. JohnnThe Dump FurniturenDirector – Customer Service & Quality Assurancen10251 North Freeway, Houston, TX [email protected] nI should get the $100 gift card with no minimum purchase because that is what The Dump offered. A company cannot offer something in an advertisement and then not provide it just because they dont want to. There was not radio or public apology to consumers for the confusion. Instead they had their customer service representatives say that I was wrong and that no such ad existed.

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