The Ding King Institution – Not a Real Training

Ding King Training Institute is a scam. We started classes with them only to discover that the trainers were all unqualified. They claimed to have more than 20 years of experience, but their abilities had nothing to show for it. When we asked for a demonstration, they refused. Whenever, we tried to question them or ask for advice, they would divert their attention from the topic. The whole time that we spent with them was basically a waste. We learned nothing new.Our crew was sent to this training to learn dent repair. It took two weeks out of our pay and we were expected to have all the knowledge of dent repair in our hands upon return.The company did not refund us the amount that was spent as we did not meet the guidelines. The Ding King still charged everyone of us for the training. You are better off learning from videos online.

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