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Complaint: My trouble began on my date of move in June 16, 2010, it was then a leak was discovered in the parkway area of my home running down the road to the driveway entrance forming a large pond. the water was flowing at a rate of five gallons per minute, filling the water covered areas entirely and going beneath my home. At closing I was required to pre-pay $228.00 per month for the use of water. I was directed to the home of Lorna Baxtor and then redirected to Community Management Inc. Jed Spera. I was told to call a plumber, I did so plumber #1 determined it to be a city issue and I was told to call the Portland Water Bureau. Upon giving my address she said “Oops that’s a special place you will nedd to call your HOA. I did so again and was told to call a plumber. Plumber #2 arrived gave a repair quote of $200.00-$300.00 and determined it to be the responsibility of the HOA. He phoned Jed to get authorization for repair this was denied as he now stated it had to be D&F Plumbing. I phoned D&F Plumbing and was told Big John the only plumber whom knew the set-up was out on a family emergency with an unknown date of return. I informed Jed of this and called another plumber

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Address: plumber #3 arrived gave a repair quote of $200.00-$300.00 and also determined it to be the responsibility of the HOA. He also phoned Jed for authorization it was denied. Plumber #3 told me to let D&F do the repair

Website: 2010 intending to use tape and sleeve for repair when questioned he went and bought a clamp for $10.00

Phone: watch the job

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