The Bradford Exchange Gary Indiana Review


Please ! Do Not Purchase anything from the Bradford exchange , these people are selling fake jewelry that isn’t real ”

that was my experience with this company and I believe a lot of the others cause there have been over 200 complaints already against this company now here is one more to add to that list of complaints

we purchased a what was suppose to be a real silver Cubs World Series Bracelet. We needed the money so we thought we would pawn it trusted that what we had was an original item Well I don’t have to tell you what happened you guessed it ! Its not even real silver we bought it for 150.00 The pawnshop offered us 5.00 “”

omg ! Are you kidding that is the reason for this report we will never purchase anything from the Bradford Exchange I hope that this will prevent you the consumer from being ripped off . And if your from the Bradford

(shame on you God will get you for taking advantage of good people .”

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By Ronald

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