The Autoflower Network Review


I’m father one toddler and a 15 year old male teen. Today saw a light from under our cellars utility door. We do not use and normally locked. | Found three marijuana plants with floresent lights along with fan. lots of odor cans and hanging scent deal like use in cars. even had a light timer along with many types of fertilizers. Marijuana is fine for adults. Son is lucky my wife and his mom didn’t find. | First thing pointed out to son is fire threat. As a volunteer fireman in college I was livid about potential fire hazard. Did’nt discipline my son he is a good boy think this internet website influenced him. He said autoflower is a special type of marijuana and is good for people like a super vitamin. Researching found it is just a breed of marijuana–same thing as regular just easy to hide. He said the seeds were called Dragons and were being give away. | A new friend on the site sent to our home seeds. He also bought some from one of the US seed sellers on their list. All delivered to my home. Everything else he got at hardware and garden store. | The site seems to be US and appeals to kids. Laughted when noticed areas called Live Stoner Chat. too me those on this site are very young for they talk about gaming and young appeal music etc. Very strange place. | So, watch out for your kids on this site. Surprised my state NY has not shut them down. Maybe DEA is watching or homeland people. | this site needs to verify age. Isn’t all this against the law.


  • Name: The Autoflower Network
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • Website:

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