Thadeus Avvampato – Orlando, Florida Florida


Let me introduce you to my lying cheating nephew. His poor wife isn’t strong enough to report him, but I am || This manwhore covered up my husband’s, his uncle, twelve year affair because he thinks it okay to have numerous affairs on a trusting wife. No only is this guy a serial cheater, he also thinks it’s okay to slap the mother of his three small children around. How disgusting can you get. Guess when he saw his role model uncle cheating that made it acceptable. || Thadeus is a fairly young guy so he has many more years to continue his escapades. Women take note that one day his wife may say enough and this loser will be one of those broke guys giving more than half his salary for child support for three children for a very long time. || Take a good long look. This is not somebody that you want to get hooked up with.Serial cheater, wife beater and all round loser who hasn’t been able to keep a job except the ones his loser uncle gets for him. || Ever woman out there should do a background check, and most of all, a check of this site, to find out if the guy your dating is a looser or worth your time and effort

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By Ronald

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