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Complaint: This company is well known for there meats , but what you don’t know is the behind this great name are poor pay employees , Carvers are the ones q’ bring and cut the meats in your table , do you know the they make 4,29 hourly plus tips but only if you pay whit credit card if the customer pay cash they don’t get any thing, only 4,29/hr. Recently the company make them sign a paper the if they don’t make the minimum whit the tips they will pay on top of 4,29 the rest to cover it (but that was because they ben sew by employees), now servers make the same hourly plus tips but they keep the cash and the credit card and they know how much they make every day , Carvers remember only get pay if you pay whit credit card but they don’t know how much they make every day only they know every two weeks when they get the pay check . The company don’t told them how much they make every day ( remember servers know how much they make every day ) one more thing and this part is complicate , if for exemp. if today are working 6 carvers (remember they make tips) and they ben working for 4 hours but the manager send 2 carvers home because is slow, do you know the this 2 carvers the ben send home , they still making tips whit out working when the others 4 carvers still working in the restaurant and making tips for the 2 the left at home . How this is possible , well the company doesn’t separate the tips by hours worked , for make it easer for the company when they close and they have the total in tips they divide between how many carver work that day ( not how many hours work each carver ) . One more thing be side the service the carvers do to the customer they do prep cutting meats or well known how butcher before the restaurant is open ( for 4,29 hourly ) yes they don’t get tips here they only make 4,29 , but the company recently hire a butcher ( he make almost 10 dollars /hr). so way this butcher make that much but carvers make only 4,29 for the same job . In conclusion this a cheap company the doesn’t care about there own employes , they only care about there own convenience and pay the less is possible . if you are customer replay this and when you go to eat there use your credit card to help them a little , Fallow me i’m Anonymous.Just and is more coming soon….

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Address: 2727 cedar springs road , Dalas, Texas United States of America

Website: texasdebrasil.com/

Phone: (214) 720 1414

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