Teritas Reynoldsburg Ohio


Complaint: The last time I was in waiting for a pizza at Terita all of the males constatnly stared at my chest. I was wearing an appropriate sweater that covered me but they whispered and kept staring and started saying things in Italian and slang which made me feel uncomfortable. No wonder no women work there!! Who would want to and who could stand the place. It is a dive ‘hole in the wall’ pizza joint in the ghetto. I was told I had to try it but it tastes like Chef Boyardee Box mix gone bad. I couldn’t taste what the big deal was and they obviously don’t like any foreigners either. When I was in there a nice dressed ‘immigrant’ looking man asked to use the bathroom and they refused! What kind of “Hi Neighbor”” friendly astmosphere is that? I was not impressed with the product

Tags: Pizza & Take Out

Address: staff

Website: 3905 Cleveland Avenue Columbus, Ohio U.S.A.

Phone: or parking lot – not to mention the area. Close down or move already. Monique Reynoldsburg

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By Ronald

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