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In July of this year I got a random add request on Facebook of a girl named Teresa. I didn’t know her I was new to area so I checked out her page and realized that she was friends with my brother in law so I went ahead and added her. She proceeded to tell me that I didn’t know her but she had been seeing my husband for months. She told me that she didn’t know he was married met him online and had never even met him. Well.. I of course said then how did you not know he was married if his brother in law is on your friends list…. She said thats why she was contacting me because he told her everything. || After talking with her I confronted my husband he admitted he had talked with her and made a mistake but when he tried to blow her off this was what she did. Sought his family out then me etc. I blocked her. At that point she knew we existed, knew whatever was between them wasn’t anymore and yet every couple weeks she would find ways to message me saying if he doesn’t stop threatening me or contacting me I’m gonna press charges. I ignored her. || Tonight… I found this message from her in his account. Obviously he unblocked her, he also deleted all our pics of us and all kinds of weird stuff so as for him I fully blame him for this. But.. Now she can’t say”I didn’t know” she knows and instead of leaving it at the 1st message she felt the need to send the 2nd clearly disregarding the fact he has a family! That makes her a homewrecker! She has a meet me as well which is where she met him. This woman puts herself out there as a 40 something year old bombshell who has better morals yet obviously not.

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By Ronald

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