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Run, don’t walk away from any property this company represents! this company is so poorly managed, they will no doubt eventually fold. They misrepresented the property i’m renting by using false advertising on the internet to attract a tenant, then fail them on all accounts. Once they get your rent and deposits, you become invisible to them and liable for everything. I enjoy an income of over 300k a year, and have a credit score above 800. They lie about property condition, cheat you out of promised reimbursements and will steal your sanity, if you let them. The company has zero oversight, their subcontractors are sloppy, their business practices are unethical, and their undue delays are unacceptable. They violate tenants rights, and i’ve sought legal counsel for advice moving forward. They fail in every aspect, and provide less than substandard communication. Please also note that they disrespect the disabled, and ignore hoa violations! i suspect fraudulent activities and have photographic evidence to prove my allegations. They are despicable & shameless.


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  • Country: United States
  • State: Washington
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By Ronald

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