Teddy Johnston and Don Stone Review


April 20th and 21st my husband and I received several calls. The first call was a message on my cell phone that I was winners of a Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes for three million plus and to please call this number 1-876-787-7272. I then received several calls from a man saying his name was Teddy Johnston and that I had won the publishing Clearing House Sweepstakes and they wanted to come to my home to give me my prize. I told him I didn’t enter the sweepstakes. He kept calling and insisting I call Don Stone at the number above. I called on my home phone because that phone will let me know if there are any extra phone charges. Again they told me I was a big winner and they wanted to come by to give me my prize. I told him I thought this was a scam and he could have my winnings. He then told me he would have to come by so I could sign papers that I canceled and pay a cancellation fee. I told him I was paying nothing and hung up. In the mean time we were getting phone calls all from the 876 area code about a car. This one confused us as my husband has a car that he is in the process of selling. This man kept calling me on my cell phone (which the buyer did not know) and insisting I was BUYING a car. The strange thing is all the voices sounded the same or very similar with a slight accent. It all has me kind of freaked out. What other steps should I take?

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By Ronald

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