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Complaint: I had a problem setting up my Roku device and TechRoger’s number came up on a Google search for help with Roku. A man named “Vinny”” helped me by having me allow him to gain access to my computer by my downloading an application called “”TeamView””. After he had gotten into my computer

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: he actually fixed the problem I was having with Roku but he also found a very “”serious”” problem. According to Vinny

Website: I did not fall for it. Although Vinny was into my computer via “”TeamView””

Phone: 2 servers had hacked into my home network and could access all the information on the computers in the network. He said that TechRoger could get rid of this problem and guaranty no further intrusion for 3 years for $399.95. I told him that I wasn’t prepared to commit myself to spending $400 at this time and I wanted to see if I could verify what he was telling me before I take action. After a little more conversation

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