Techon Digital Edgewater Florida Review


Techon Digital, Prestige Camera, et al. It appears that a multitude of businesses are operating under the same umbrella. While Internet addresses and phone numbers vary under each company, subsequent calls to different company numbers seem to be funneled to one ordering department in which the same people answer the phone and process orders using the company name that you called. I spoke with the same person for Techon Digital, Prestige Camera, and 86th Street Photo & Video. In each case I would be sold the advertised price without buying exagerated priced accessories. In my case I was specifically looking for a Garmin 755t GPS. Each call solicited the same responses: buy a $10.00 memory card for $89.00 (which is not needed); buy the maps (which are included from the manufactured with the unit); and buy the extended warranty which they state they manufactures warranty is only 60 days (manufactures warranty is one year). I would not provide any credit card data until I was sure of what the final price would be, but never even got that far speaking with their “customer service”” scam artists. When I was adamant of not wanting any offered “”accessories””

they would simply hang up. In one case I think they erroneously suspected that I was from a law enforcement agency of some type

and was politely advised that the item was out of stock without trying to sell anything. Calling back five minutes later

I disguised my voice and spoke with the same individual

but this time I was told the item was in stock

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By Ronald

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