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I purchased a lot for $17.5k of digital cameras in Grade C – Working condition, however when I received them several of them wouldn’t turn on or would get errors during use. In addition, every single camera was stripped of all accessories and any removable parts as well as essential components such as the batteries (which would cost $3-4k to replace). | I contacted a service rep from TechLiquidators and they told me despite the auction stating working and functional condition that it was part of their policy that no returns were allowed even if the products didn’t work. They did agree to have me return the items and after having the entire lot back in their possession for 3 weeks with limited communication, they stated the ones they tested were found to be functional. | They told me that despite the auction stating “Some may or may not include original packaging and accessories.”; that none of their auctions regardless of grade would ever include any accessories. This was another example of how they mislead customers into bidding. | I have purchased on the secondary markets many times and I have never dealt with a company that appears to purposely be misrepresenting its lots to drive the price up in this way. After speaking with a Best Buy representative assigned to this case, it appears Best Buy is aware of the way these items are marketed and see nothing wrong with it. Very sad for a company that I shopped at regularly and once held in high esteem. | I would not recommend this company at all. They have no ethics or duty towards honesty with their customers. They made zero attempt to work towards a resolution. I have taken the issue up with my credit card company and the Better Business Bureau.


  • Name: TechLiquidators
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Irvine
  • Address: 30 Executive Park, Suite 150
  • Phone: (888) 602-6963
  • Website:

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