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I was reading some article on Face Book when pop ups came up that appeared to be from Microsoft & Google. It froze my computer & warned of a virus attacking my computer & said I should call immediately. When I did, a foreign sounding man assured me he was from Tech Support & would help me for free. I foolishly gave him remote access, after which he said he couldn’t fix it, he was going to transfer me to Tech Secure Net. They then said they could fix everything connected to my router but it would cost 149.99 for 1 yr coverage. 249. for 2 yrs etc.., I finally agreed to one year after they said my senior discount would bring it down to 129.99. They didn’t fix anything, & I later discovered what they’d done! They changed the password to my router & charged my credit card 149.99 from somewhere in CA! I’m still trying to fix the damage done!I’ve shredded the pdf so I can’t provide an image. I haven’t gotten a hold of the geek squad yet to see what this will cost me, but I changed my router password & several others, shredded, uninstalled etc.. after researching what happened. They were on here by remote for nearly 2 hrs!

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By Ronald

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