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Months ago I received a pop up saying I was on a fraudulent website and to call this Microsoft number, and I could shut my computer down otherwise it could become fried. So I called and they proceeded to say they could fix my computer and I couldn’t take it anywhere else because there wasn’t a location near my zip code. I’m not a computer gal so I figured that was true after they "searched." Before they would start services they asked that I type my credit card information so they could take a payment.. $259.99 for a year of computer services for protecting against viruses. A few days later I still felt funny about the whole thing so I called back requesting at once they refund me the 100% and they said they would in the end after working hard to get them to agree.. told me to check for an email which I never got and I never received a refund. Knew it was a scam because I tried to call the company’s number I was given and the number was no longer in service. Now today I’ve received 15+ calls from many different states trying to get ahold of me to "refund" me along with their other 122 customers that didn’t get the services they wished for… and I proceeded to question them and didn’t feel comfortable about the whole thing (especially because the first instance I was told they wouldn’t contact me ever but only customers could contact them). They requested I go to my bank account and sign in with a shared screen. I told them absolutely not and requested that they mail me a check refund or wire me the money through PayPal. They made so many excuses that they couldn’t do that. This is not a legit business. It’s a total scam.

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By Ronald

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