Teamtreehouse – Team Treehouse Takes Your Money Without Permission

I joined Team Treehouse months ago. It was a decent site to learn from at first, but it quickly turned into a horrific experience. I was one of the top students, but that was probably because I was able to get the same information off of Youtube channels and Google.I did have to pay for membership. It was not that much when I joined, they have slowly started to charge me more money, however. They changed their system and added a “pro” option. It is a lot more expensive. Users are having to pay double, without their permission, it is being deducted from their accounts, including mine. Someone posted this fact in the forum. I voiced my equally disappointed opinion.They had the nerve to log me out of my own account after that. I never had a notice or explanation, I was just exiled. They are obviously trying to disregard any negative comments about their site.I recommend staying away from their site. They are trying to squeeze every last penny out of their customers. The fact that they can access your wallets without permission is scary enough.

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