Teakbit Newport News Virginia


Complaint: My computer (2017 DELL Insp7000 series) has been acting unstable since Tweakbit started constantly putting advertising blocks on my computer screen. I got tired of being told that my Drivers needed “Updating”” and later that I had “”Speed Issues””

Tags: Computer Software, Software

Address: so I agreed to purchase solfware to fix both at $14.98

Website: telling him that the software I had already Over paid for

Phone: but as the deal concluded I was informed that I was charged $34.93 and a “”file recovery”” software was added. I contacted Tweakbit today (11/13/2017) and talked to Sam about my 10/18/2017 on line purchase (Order#UEEEMQ59-171018) Not Working. He took control of my computer to fix the issues

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